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Emo chicks - the sexiest subculture.

Posted by MachosMag in Images August 29, 2011 / 5932 views

Tags: emo, fetish

If you like the Emo look, which is usually a lot of eye shadow and mascara, streaked hair and face piercings, then these cute self-shot photos will rev your engine. These girls love to put different colors in their hair, from bright red to aqua blue and aren’t afraid to share their unique style with the world. They tend to match their nails, make up and clothing with their hair color, which means they are obviously putting some thought into their unique outfits.

All of these chicks are quite adorable, and many of them are downright sexy. Some of them are having fun showing off their cleavage and teasing us to no end. There is also something very enticing and sensuous about them snapping pictures of themselves. The way they pose, cocking their heads to the side and staring straight into the camera. They are definitely testing the boundaries of innocence and expressing themselves in their own original way. Now we get to enjoy their explorations.


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