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Heart stopping hand drawn pinup girls

Posted by MachosMag in Fetish, Images June 06, 2011 / 13712 views

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It turns out that a Brazilian woman does some of the sexiest hand drawn female characters you can find. It’s not a surprise, considering that Brazilian ladies seem to really possess the best bodies and a love for showing them off. Artist Cris de Lara is the woman behind these sexy female drawings, which depict a variety of fairy tale and mythological characters, as well as many busty pinup girls. Lara and her husband work together to create illustrations and digital art for advertisements, comics and books. Lara seems particularly adept at capturing the sensuousness and devastating beauty of curvaceous women.


Whether it’s the raven haired, platinum white or thick black locks, these illustrations are sure to tickle your pickle and stimulate your imagination. Simply imagine bumping into the buxom blonde dressed in black and mint striped stockings, a purple bikini inspired outfit and that quirky wizard hat. You would undoubtedly have a memorable Halloween. The deep colors, inspiring scenes and detail will definitely have you coming back for more.


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