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Hot Chicks Doing Really Weird Shit

Posted by MachosMag in Images June 14, 2011 / 112463 views

Tags: weird, fetish, delicious, blondes

Sometimes you just have to scratch your head at hot chick antics, or pop a boner. I guess when you have a sweet behind, a nice rack and a pretty smile you can get away with almost anything. Actually, anything you do that involves skimpy clothing, revealing a certain part of your anatomy or simulated sex we guys are happy to let you get away with. Don’t you want to see coeds holding M16s while wearing a towel or white tank top? That’s the spirit.


Some of these photos are from actual advertisements, which means that sex apparently still sells. More women need to be open with their sexuality and not let any social mores get in the way. Basically, if you are a hot chick and feel the need to show your bare ass or walk down the sidewalk in high heels and a black volleyball player outfit, be my guest. Just don’t be shocked if someone snaps a photo and puts it on this magazine.


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