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Hot futuristic robot chicks

Posted by MachosMag in Exclusive, Fetish, Images August 29, 2011 / 5970 views

Tags: drawing, weird

Can you imagine if women thirty or fifty years from now looked like these sexy robot chicks? I highly doubt this would happen, unless artificial life forms started taking over our world, or companies started to produce robot women that guys could have as companions, in and out of the bed. However, there are a variety of these steel gals to fantasize about, including smooth highly polished women and one puppet looking redhead that seems to have all the parts required for a good time.


There is something sexually charged about the way most of these sleek sex machines stare straight at you, with a blank but sexually charged look. The less brain power the better for most guys, because who needs another nagging woman when you can have a quiet hot lady that allows you to hide the salami whenever you want? Just make sure that these ladies do not get emotional every two weeks, and it would be nice if they could be shut down for maintenance every once in a while too.


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