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James Debenham’s gorgeous pin up girls

Posted by MachosMag in Images, Fetish May 22, 2011 / 9735 views

Tags: drawing, fetish, weird

Based out of Brisbane, Australia but originally from England, James Debenham is a young photographer that loves to take pictures of hot tattooed chicks. Some of you reading this must have a fetish to copulate with women that has colorful tattoos on their milky white skin. Now is your chance to see your ideal woman, all dolled up in revealing outfits, faces covered with makeup and bodies blanketed in tantalizing ink.

While Debenham likes to take shots of tattooed girls, he really enjoys doing a more modern pin up girl type style. If you are a fan of pale girls with brightly dyed hair, piercings and a 50’s style of dress then most of his model pictures will be right up your alley.


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