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Mesmerizing fantasy girl illustrations

Posted by MachosMag in Exclusive, Fetish, Images August 29, 2011 / 22759 views

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Have you ever awoken from a dream and realized that you had gorgeous, mostly human like females drifting about in your head? Maybe you lay in bed fantasizing about what it would be like to spend time with some of these mythical and unfortunately only partially real creatures. Now with these stunning images you can relive those dreams by basking in their detail and bright colors. The German illustrator and concept artist Benita Winckler created many of these powerful female figures that wield not only their sexuality, but also their sensitivity and intimate interaction with the world around them.


She likes to not only include animals in some of these illustrations but also fold animal characteristics into the characters. Many of the females have actual horns or hair shaped like horns, pointy ears or extensive feathered hats or hairpieces. Other images are of actual people that have been surrounded by Photoshop manipulations to create a surreal environment that transports the viewer into their world. Some of these images are more Gothic and dark in nature but they are still breathtaking, and sometimes even thought provoking.


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