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Sexiest house cleaning chore video ever

Posted by MachosMag in Exclusive, Fetish, Videos August 09, 2011 / 35859 views

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Whoever said that art, sex and cleaning couldn’t go hand in hand? When it comes to cleaning a dirty house, doing laundry, ironing and taking out the garbage there is no rational reason that a sexy woman shouldn’t stay in her underwear while doing these chores. In fact, there should be a movement to make it socially acceptable for women to complete any chores they want in whatever clothes makes them feel the most comfortable. Thankfully, there is still something called privacy that allows women to act how they want and wear whatever they like in their homes. This stylish video just shows that mundane chores can be completed with a bit more flare and verve.


As if a hot blonde woman in a variety of sexy panties and bras needed cool camera angles and music to make her any hotter. However, this video is really amazing and it somehow manages to keep my attention for nearly three minutes, although the naked legs and close up butt and crotch shots might have something to do with it. If for any reason you think about stopping the video realize that the last thirty seconds are close ups of the chick’s naked ass in the shower with water cascading down her sweet bum. I was thoroughly impressed by the size and shape of her booty, considering that she is a white girl and all. I suppose there are some thin big booty white chicks in the world. The creator of this video should do one with a plump or more curvaceous woman, and see if it receives the same amount of interest.


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