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The 20 Sexiest Glasses-Wearing Babes

Posted by MachosMag in Fetish, Images August 18, 2011 / 38627 views

Tags: blondes, delicious, fetish

If an average looking girl slaps on a pair of glasses, those glasses will tend to make that chick even hotter. However, if the girl is already smoking hot, the addition of the glasses will make her almost too hot to handle. Take a look at these tasty ladies, who happen to be sporting their eyewear while also showing off some cleavage. Who knew that chicks with tattoos and glasses would be so hot?

Which of these twenty babes do you find the sexiest? Is it the brown skin teacher draped across her desk with her long legs showing or the busty chick with her coat open revealing her taught stomach and ample boobs?


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