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The Hottest Police Chicks On the Beat

Posted by MachosMag in Exclusive, Fetish, Images August 29, 2011 / 10024 views

Tags: military, beautiful, blondes, fetish

When it comes to girls in uniform, especially ones that come with a gun and handcuffs, there is nothing quite like a female police officer. There is a reason that the cop uniform is so widely used for sexy outfit modeling. These photos perfectly illustrate the variety of cop uniforms available to willing models. I particularly enjoyed the woman wearing the high leather boots, leather underwear, midriff revealing top tied at the boobs and the shiny hat. Who wouldn’t want to be arrested and frisked by her?

On the other hand the real female cops in this post are tough as nails, and much sexier than their male counterparts. Seeing a woman wearing a heavy leather jacket or black vest weighed down with equipment is thrilling. When she tells you to “Spread Em’” be careful to not get too excited to see her.


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