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The hottest topless Lake Havasu chicks

Posted by MachosMag in Images June 06, 2011 / 203101 views

Tags: delicious, blondes, sporty

Every year floods of hot bikini clad babes descend upon Lake Havasu to show off their firm bodies and consume tremendous amounts of alcohol. Located on the Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and California, Lake Havasu is a sizable reservoir that affords scores of men and women to party during Spring Break. Coeds always seem to love to let their hair down during Spring Break, which includes dancing in bikinis, showing off their boobs and having lots of protected sex.


These photos illustrate how much fine tail there is at the lake, and how many of these young hotties are willing to show off their glorious boobs. While some girls like to slap a pair of pasties on their knockers, others prefer to let their nipples salute the cool breeze. One thing is for sure, there is going to be a lot of female flesh on display during this annual celebration.


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