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The sexiest hand drawn pirate babes

Posted by MachosMag in Fetish, Images August 29, 2011 / 11491 views

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The next time you think about Somali pirates when you hear the word “pirate,” think again my friend. My hope is that by gazing upon these sexy pirate girls you will think more kindly of pirates, or at least the female ones. It just so happens that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides recently opened in a theater near you and I’m sure you are dying to see hot pirate chicks, especially if you are tired of looking at Johnny Depp. Thankfully, you can click on these pictures and see badass busty, sword wielding, boot wearing pirate chicks that would sooner split you in half than look at you. Although, they might be willing to show off their chest of gold if you are nice to them.


Wouldn’t you love to see your girlfriend or spouse get dressed up in a sexy pirate outfit and strut her stuff around your bedroom? Next Halloween you can put in the request and see if you end up with your very own sultry pirate partner clamoring to be conquered by her shipmate.


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